I Glide V3 - Blue
I Glide V3 - Blue
I Glide V3 - Blue

I Glide V3 - Blue

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If you are on the hunt for an all-inclusive micro kids scooter that gives you the ability to customise as your child grows and learns new skills.

The i-Glide Kids 3-Wheel v3 Scooters are a great way for kids to learn balance, coordination, and motor skills for early development in a fun and active way. Add a custom scooter seat for beginners and remove when they are ready to advance their skill levels.

The i-Glide Kids v3 Scooter is simple to ride. The front wheel easy-steer technology allows children to effortlessly lean to steer the scooter, practicing their balancing and turning skills.

A well designed wide steel braced push brake gives the rider confidence to stop when needed and parents peace of mind.

Featuring ultra-soft handlebar grips in bright colours, providing comfort for little hands. Adjustable handlebars make it easy to choose the right height for your ever growing child.

The i-Glide v3 kick scooter has a foot board (deck) over 5-inches wide, giving children plenty of room for feet to be firmly placed on the scooter. The i-Glide logo provides a slip proof surface making the deck of the scooter rider friendly and safe.

The deck reinforcement ensures gliding stability for up to 50kgs (110lbs) and regular use.

This micro scooter has three wheel points, with 4 wheels promoting a steady well balanced ride. Having 2-wide front wheels (120mm) supporting the lean to steer mechanism and 2-wide rear wheels (80mm) for active balance and brake connectivity for a faster stop.

The i-Glide v3 Scooter comes complete with kinetic light-up polyurethane wheels, that are battery free, lighting up when the scooter is in motion. These make the scooter fun for kids and allow clear visibility for parents.

This i-Glide Scooter has been purposely designed to allow a simple process of dismantling for transport or storage. With a quick clip system incorporated underneath the deck, removing the handlebars has never been so easy to pack and store.

The Kids i-Glide Scooter comes in a variety of stand-out colour options to suit the preferences of any child or parent. These bold colours make matching helmets and other accessories fun with the ability to really make your scooter your own.