Envy Rear Boxed Ends

Envy Rear Boxed Ends

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Envy created a solution for what everybody wanted. Square back dropouts are the hype at the moment, now you can use these Rear Boxed Ends to modify any Envy deck & create square dropouts!

120mm / 4.75" Compatibility:

  • Envy ONE S2 Complete
  • Envy COLT S3/S4 Completes
  • Envy PRODIGY S6/S7/S8* Completes (*excludes ST Edition)
  • Envy KOS S4/S5 Completes
  • Envy PRODIGY S2 Deck
  • Envy AOSv4 Jon Reyes/Warick Beynon/Ray Warner Decks
  • Envy AOSv4 LTD Ray Warner/Jon Reyes Decks
  • Envy AOSv4 S Deck
  • Envy AOSv5 Ray Warner/Jon Reyes (4.75") Decks
  • 125mm / 4.9" Compatibility:

    • Envy PRODIGY S8 STREET EDITION Completes
    • Envy KOS S6 Completes
    • Envy AOSv4 Charles Padel/Flavio Pesenti Decks
    • Envy AOSv4 LTD Warick Beynon/Flavio Pesenti Decks
    • Envy AOSv5 Will Scott/Jon Reyes (4.9") Decks
    • 130mm / 5.1" Compatibility:
    • AOSV4 LTD - Charles Pedal
    • AOSV4 XL 
    • 130mm / 5.1" Compatibility:

      • Envy AOSv4 XL Deck
      • Envy AOSv4 LTD Charles Padel Deck
      • Envy AOSv5 Charles Padel/Didine Terchague/Ray Warner (5.1") Decks

      Box Ends will fit on the above models.

      *Axle included.