Exite 50-50 Skate Wrist Guards

Exite 50-50 Skate Wrist Guards

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The Exite 50-50 Skate Wrist Guards are made from quality materials for premium comfort, support and protection. With an open back design available in 4 sizes to suit all skateboarding styles including street, ramp, park skaters.

Designed by Australia’s Silent Skaters, Exite Australia brings back the classic wrist guard design with premium features.

  • Three Strap Design (provides versatility in tension and comfort)
  • Neoprene main body
  • Thermoplastic ergonomic splints with
  • Strong, adjustable straps

As with all protective products, correct fit will ensure maximum protection.

Size guide – measure around your wrist for a size estimate 

  • Small – up to 14.5cm (5.5 inches) (Kids)
  • Medium – up to 16.0cm (6.5 inches) (Teen and ladies)
  • Large – up to 18.0cm (7.0 inches) (Average adult male)
  • XL – up to 20cm (7.5+ inches) (Large persons)